We offer our patients a full array of services under three broad categories:

* The Syneron machine uses state of the art technology.  It harnesses the power of lasers into a wide variety of cosmetic uses in the field of medical aesthetics.  The miracle of lasers provides you with pain-free, non-invasive anti-aging solutions, all applied with surgical accuracy.

*Prescription custom cosmeceuticals, in addition to Alyria‘s doctor-tested skin care products, which offer the most advanced science on skin rejuvenation.  Using high-quality ingredients, Alyria creams make your skin as youthful and lustrous as possible, noticeably reducing lines, wrinkles and rosacea.

*Botox and fillers to reverse and reduce the signs of aging.  These include Revanesse, which fills in wrinkled and creased areas, diminishing signs of wear and damage, and Allergan (Botox), which inhibits the signs of aging.

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