Privacy Policy

Appointment Changes and Cancellations

Please note that appointment changes via email are NOT accepted. Please also note that you must advise us of appointment changes a minimum of two business days before current scheduled appointment.

Payments and Insurance

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Interac debit payments. We do NOT accept any personal cheques or IOUs. We support direct insurance payments guaranteed by credit card.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of our patients; personal information and to utilizing all personal information in a responsible and professional manner. This document summarizes some of the personal information that we collect, use and disclose. In addition to the circumstances described, we also collect use and disclose personal information when permitted or required by law. we collect information from our patients such as names, home and work addresses, home and work telephone numbers, and email addresses. (collectively referred to as contact information).

Contact information is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • To open and update patient files
  • To invoice patient for aesthetic services, to process credit card payments, or to collect unpaid accounts
  • To send reminders to patients concerning the need for further examination or treatment
  • To send patients informational material about our aesthetic practice.

Photographs of the patient may be taken for documentation of before and after, patient education, internal and external promotion of procedures or of the practice. The ownership of such photos remains the property of Dr. Sunil Venugopal Inc.

Financial information may be collected in order to make arrangements for the payment of services. We collect information from our patients about their health history, their family health history, physical conditions and treatments (collectively referred to as the “medical information”) Patient’s Medical Information is collected and used for the purpose of diagnosing conditions and providing treatment. Patients’ Medical Information is disclosed to:

  • Other medical practitioners, where we are seeking a second opinion and the patient has consented to us obtaining the second opinion.
  • Other medical practitioners if the patient, with their consent, has been referred by us to the other other medical practitioners for treatment.
  • Other medical practitioners who have asked us, with the consent of the patient, to provide a second opinion.
  • Other health care professionals such as physicians if the patient, with their consent, has been referred by us to the other health care professional for either a second opinion or treatment.

If we are ever considering selling all or part of our aesthetic practice, qualified potential buyers may be granted access as part of the due diligence process to patient information in order to verify information important to the potential sale. If this occurs, we will take steps to ensure that the prospective buyer safeguards all personal information.

Our practice is regulated by the British Columbia Medical Association and College which may inspect our records and interview our staff as part of its regulatory activities in the public interest.

Our patients consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information as set out above.